Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review: LEECH

Artist: The GazettE
Single: LEECH [Auditory Impression]

03. HOLE (available only on the Auditory Impression version of LEECH.)

The song starts off very strong, with powerful chords coming from Aoi, one of two guitarists, and it stays just as strong for the entire song. It's fast-paced song, with extremely energetic drumming. Just as with some songs on their last album, Stacked Rubbish, and on the Guren single, this song contains some female vocals. I think they work nicely with the chorus and the general feel of the song. They sound kind of bitter and sour.
I'm impressed by the guitars in this song. They're not only busy, but they're both interesting. (Aoi's guitar comes out of the left speaker, and Uruha's out of the right. So if you want to listen to just one of them, all you have to do is concentrate on one speaker.)
LEECH reminds me a little bit of their earlier works, except that all of the members have gotten much better since then. Vocalwise, the song has a mix of everything - from what almost sounds like rap, to screaming, to a slow, powerful chorus.
The lyrics are a mix of Japanese and English and if you listen very, very hard, it's possible to make out most of what Ruki is saying in English. (Usually this is very difficult if not impossible because he switches from proper English pronunciation to simplified Japanese pronunciation. Or he just doesn't pronounce things as they're meant to be at all.)
The bass is also good in this song, although I don't notice it as much as the other instruments. In terms of production I think this is the cleanest track on the single.
Overall I'd give the song four and a half stars out of five. It's not their greatest work, but it rocks.

Another very strong song. It starts off with a guitar, then the drums are added in, and then finally the bass and guitars, signaled by a short scream by Ruki. This song is almost entirely in English, but it's hard to understand. The word that sticks out the most is "Coward", which is repeated in the chorus (and admittedly one of the high points in the song).
There is more screaming and less singing in this one. Once the song starts, it doesn't let up until the end. I love some of their older, heavier songs, but this one I'm not too fond of. Two and half stars out of five.

First of all this song is only available on the Auditory Impression version of the single (which is, as you can see, the one I am reviewing. The Optical Impression contains only two songs and the music video for LEECH).
I almost like this song better than the title track LEECH. I like the melody over the entire song a little better, but the main reason is the bass. It's definitely one of the best bass lines they've ever written (I'm assuming Reita writes them, but I don't know that for a fact).
The song starts and ends with that stellar bass line. In fact, it's so good that I give this song five stars out of five. And it's because of this song that I highly recommend the Auditory Impression over the Optical Impression. If you're a fan of Reita, then you'll really enjoy this one.

Watch the LEECH PV (Promotional Video) on YouTube!

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