Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review: Hoshi ni Negai Wo -> "Wish Upon a Star"

Artist: flumpool
Single: Hoshi Ni Negai Wo / 星に願いを
01. Hoshi Ni Negai Wo /
02. Kaitenmokuba (Merry-go-round) /
回転木馬 (メリーゴーランド)
03. Harukaze [No Reply] Unplugged / 春風 「no reply」unplugged
04-06. instrumental tracks of the above songs. No reviews for these ones.

01. Hoshi Ni Negai Wo
Another very flumpool-ish song, which is by no means a bad thing. These guys have a lot going for them. Anyways, this is the title track of the single as you can see, and as that, it serves very well. It's a catchy, fast-paced rock ballad (much like their previous works). The lyrics are quite sweet - something about chasing down your love under a starry sky - who doesn't like that kind of thing?
Its strong point is, as always, I think, the singer's voice. He's very listenable and he conveys emotions very well. The band backs him up very well. It's nothing special as an instrumental, but in collaboration with his voice, it's gold. The weak point of the song is that you forget you're listening to it after a while. It's a little too repetetive throughout and it doesn't stand out that much. There are only so many times you can hear "Ikanakucha!!!!!!" ("I have to go") before it becomes mundane.

02. Kaitenmokuba (Merry-go-round)
This one, unlike Hoshi Ni Negai Wo, fails to leap the pole for me. Flumpool is a bit of a one-trick pony, and that's okay, when the song is a really good one; but this is just too much of the same without enough shine for me.
The only thing really different about this song is the use of some synthesizer flutes in the background that are desperately trying to belong to higher technology. Other than that, it contains the same high-energy style of a typical flumpool song. So if you absolutely love that style, then this is another great song for you. If not...well, for me, I'm pretty bored by it. And the flutes are trying to brainwash me with their trilling existence.

03. Harukaze [No Reply] Unplugged
This is actually a remake of a song off of their debut album, and one of their best songs, in my opinion. This is, as the title suggests, an acousitic version on the original. Instead of the usual flumpool instruments, this song uses a guitar, a piano, and some soft drumming.
I don't think it quite marks up to the original's level, but then, I don't think it's meant to. I think this is just an alternative version of a very pretty and meaningful song for fans to enjoy. As that, it works. It really does.

Watch the Hoshi Ni Negai Wo promotional video on YouTube!

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